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I Teach People How to Start Their Journey In Stock Market.

About Us

Pavan Jadhav

I started learning about Crypto Currency market and did trades in time period of 2018 – 2019. Then moved to Forex Trading as well but didn’t spent much time on it and started immediately learning about Indian & Global Stock Market from the scratch.

Where I got booster in learning due to Corona Virus Lockdown and I learnt good things with ease of time as I spent my 24 X 7 on it!

Today I represent community of 14K members (and still growing) With Good Numbers of Members who are Learning and Earning At the Same time with the help they are getting!

My Mission

I want to help most of our Indian Community to learn Basics of Stock Market and help them make money by  Day Trading or Simply Investing in Value Stocks and Getting them overall interested in Economical aspects of the Country.

Pareish Patil

AKA GearUp_Next

I started my Stock Market journey with Anand Rathi Share & Brokers Pvt Ltd working as Relationship Manager for year only. I came to know my clients has made money when Market crashed (slightly) into 2015-2016. I was surprised and started working on it how it worked!

Later on, I understood derivative market and started trading into it and you know what I got success as per my view and journey begins! From 2015 to till the date I’ve been in market and understood how exactly it works by Working in only Derivatives (FnO) segments.

Early 2018 started own company ‘Dream Merchant’ as I already giving my views and suggestions to my friends only from them I got an idea to start working in market as advisor.

Overall experience is very good about Market and just few month ago joined with Trade With Pavan to help  beginners as we all are in the covid19 situation and everyone is looking for something that will pay back to them and Stock Market is the best way to earn good amount by doing trading with some skills obviously.

My Mission

Many people has made a mindset that FnO is very hard thing or next to impossible to make money by doing work in FnO and for this reason I’m here to help beginners by developing their skills, knowledge about FnO trading.

How May I Help You?

At Trade With Pavan, I help beginners to where to start for Stock Market and I help them to go with Advance Technical + Fundamental Analysis for the same.

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Crash Course

Those who are new to the Stock Market and Don't know where to start exactly then This is the Resource for you! Start with this and you will love this for sure.


Consultation Over Call

Are you facing any issues while Trading, Investing or anything? You want someone knowledgeable person who can shade light on your problems as solutions?


1 To 1 Mentorship

Want to learn along side with me? How I trade and How do I make consistent source of money? Want me to mentor you in your early days of stock market?

Kickstart Learning Stock Trading With Me!