TWP Mentorship – Learn & Earn With Us


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Whom this is for:

  • Beginner in Stock Market
  • Intraday Trader
  • Swing Trader
  • Value Investor
  • Who wants to learn Technical Analysis with Knowing What Works Where! 

Duration / Timings:

  • 5 – 6 Saturday’s / Sunday’s (Within a Month Mostly)
  • Every Saturday OR Sunday within Specified Timings
  • 1 Session will be of Min. 2 hrs upto 2 More Hrs
  • 1-2 Live Trading Session will be taken
  • Lifetime Support and Access to New Content Gradually 

How you can benefit out from this simple course:

  • I started my free telegram channel to educate people about what is Stock market basically and how they can make use of it – make benefit of it over all.
  • Learning is always the first Motto and Then with Proper techniques to Earn the money from the Market itself.
  • If you are new to the Stock Market, want to learn the basics, want to start Intraday / Swing Trading – Invest in Value Companies for Long term? Then I’m quite sure you will love this course content. 

Curriculum Index:

Section 1: Stock Market Basics

  • Equity | FnO | Commodity Intro
  • Currencies Pairs
  • Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Nickel / Zinc / Copper / Silver / Gold
  • Trading Platforms, Placing Orders on Recommended Brokers by us
  • How to read Trade Reports, Contract Notes
  • Price Action Trading
  • Bullish / Bearish – Long n Short

Section 2: Types Of Traders & Trading Styles

  • Scalpers
  • Swing Trader
  • Positional Trader
  • Day Trader

Section 3: World Markets Correlation

  • SGX
  • DJI
  • S&P 500

Section 4: What Should be the Trading Mentality

  • Trading Disciplines / Rules to Apply on self trading
  • Importance of SL
  • Risk Mgmt + Money Mgmt.
  • Understanding Big Players Game
  • Pyramiding Buying / Selling
  • Gap Strategies

Section 5: Real Market Trading Training

  • How to read Charts efficiently
  • Identifying Trends
    • Uptrend
    • Downtrend
    • Consolidation
    • Primary / Secondary Trend
  • Candle Sticks A – Z
  • Price Action Patterns
    • Continuation
    • Reversal
    • Symmetrical
  • Importance of Support & Resistances (Supply n Demand Theory)
  • Multi- Time Frame Chart Analysis – Top Down Analysis
  • Breakouts / Reversals / Retests

Section 6: Intro to Indicators

  • RSI
  • MACD
  • ADX
  • Pivot Points
  • Gann Levels
  • EMAs
  • Bollinger Bands

Section 7: Swing Trading Approach

  • How to select stocks for Swing Trading
  • How to determine Stocks Overall Trend and go for the same as per according it
  • Tools you can use to Simplify Trading Variables

Section 8: Fundamental Analysis

  • How to select value stocks for investing
  • When to invest and when to book profits!
  • Simple Heikin Ashi Strategy to Invest for Positional / Swing Trades
  • Important Ratios

Section 9: Trade With Pavan’s Special Modules

  • Setup Exact Replica of My Own Trading Setup on your side!
  • Read Charts like a PRO
  • Divergence Strategies
  • Expiry Day Option Selling Strategy
  • Option Chain Reading and Making Most from it
  • Quick Scalping Trading Strategies
  • NSE Website Review
  • Intraday Equity Selection and Trading without No Hassle! – NSE + Scanners
  • Gann Levels Understanding + Gann Indicator
  • Commodity based Quick Trade Setups and Hacks
  • My Personal Trading Experiences
  • Daily Trading Journaling
  • Creating Watchlist Setup In Trading View
  • Wonders Of Fibonacci Retracement
    • Golden Ratios
    • Level In Indexes 

Final Words:

I will not make the coaching boring and lengthy like other tutors stating usage of 100’s of indicators and multiple possibilities – Instead I will open up my own working system for you where you can make use of it and Make money from the Stock Market rather than Playing Technical – Technical Only In Daily Real Market Trading! 


  • TWP’s PCR Updater
  • TWP’s NIFTY 50 Reversal Timing Sheet